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Who We Are

     Liberals Across Canada is a community which was created in February of 2006. The role of Liberals Across Canada is to promote the ideas and beliefs of the Liberal Party of Canada as well as our own. Community members are responsible for their own comments and in no way reflect nor do we speak for the Liberal Party of Canada. Liberals Across Canada is not responsible for the content outside of this community and in no way do community members reflect the views and opinions of Liberals Across Canada.

     Here, our blog rolls outputs the most recent post from every single blog who is a member and updates as often as you do. Download time from the long list of Liberal bloggers may take somewhat longer, however, having all of the most recent posts at your fingertips is priceless.

     The creation of Vincent Riccio, along with members of the Liberal blogging community, Liberals Across Canada is an attempt to pool, gather, and assemble all Liberal bloggers together and associate them by their geographic position in Canada based on province / territory.

To contact the administrator please send an email to:

Professionalism Watchdog Panel

     In order to continue to province a dependable, professional, and legitimate web community there needs to be a Professionalism Watchdog panel which extends itself to protect the community. This Watchdog Panel is made up of members of the Liberals Across Canada community and their responsibility is to overview and report any broken linkages, inappropriate content, and to strengthen the community.

     We are currently creating this Watchdog Panel and suggest that those community members who feel they would like to take part in this endeavor to please contact the administrator by means of the above email address.

Liberals Across Canada
Liberals Across Canada

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